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My name is Julie Chabin and I'm a Paris based interactive product designer.
I like solving problems, designing clean interfaces and making users feel at home. I'm currently helping PrestaShop improving its user experience as Lead Product Designer.

My previous work experience includes Mention (2014), Deezer (2011-2013) and Dailymotion (2009-2011).

Deezer — music everywhere

Deezer is a music streaming service launched in 2007. I joined the company in 2011 prior to its international launch. I worked on a full redesign of the web platform, mobile apps such as Windows 8 (Surface and Phone) apps and several TV applications. As lead designer, I was in charge of the product design team.

Deezer My Artists page Deezer Artist Page Deezer Album Page Deezer for Windows

Dailymotion — videos everyday

In 2009 I joined Dailymotion's design team right after graduation. At first my mission was to design and implement event related websites for brands, but I quickly showed a strong interest for the product itself. Being a pain in the ass for my boss (sorry about that) I redesigned the brand, ended up being in charge of the video player page and homepage and even had one of my side projects presented at SXSW.

Dailymotion icon Dailymotion logo in US Offices Idontknowyet Dailymotion icon Dailymotion logo in US Offices

PrestaShop — open source ecommerce

As the title says, PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce solution. It helps over 250,000 online shops to run and is translated in 67 languages. I recently started working on a full redesign of the solution as Lead Product Designer. I'm currently working on the creation of a UI Kit for the platform as well as a new experience for online merchants. You can follow the work of our team on Dribbble

Open Source Knight Stickers PrestaShop Onboarding PrestaShop Catalog section

Kimd — concert camera

As a New Year's resolution for 2014, I decided to work on my side-projects instead of watching them die in my folders. Kimd was one of them. It's a simple app that offers a solution to the annoying smartphone screen problem during concerts. Some people said it was stupid/useless, yet 40K users, 135K photos and 13K videos later I'm quite proud of it… Kimd website

Kimd iOS App Kimd English Flyer Kimd Landing page

Mention — web monitoring and beyond

Mention is a web monitoring service available on web, Android and iOS for which I worked in 2014. During my mission here, I imagined a new identity concept inspired by Mercury, closest planet to the sun and symbol of the god of messages and communication: Hermes. I also worked on different projects such as analytics pages, onboarding, search and mobile experience.

Mention Rebranding proposal Mention web app Mention web app

Misc —

Le Barda

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When I’m not working with awesome startups, I post things on Dribbble,
hunt new suff on Product Hunt or work on my side-projects:

Kimd — concert camera
Hyde — launching 2016

I'm currently available for interface design & branding projects.
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